Developing iOS apps on Your Own or Hiring Professional Developers

Knowing that you need to develop your own iOS app is a big step toward your future digital prosperity.

There are two main options:

  • Use iOS templates, constructors and tutorials to develop applications
  • Develop applications with the help of professional iOS developers

Before we evaluate the pros and cons of these two approaches, our programmers will delve into some areas first. First, here is an experienced conclusion about how iOS and Android programming applications compare.


Why choose iOS?

If you ask the mature developers what platform they recommend to build software, your answer is that one, where you’ll find the majority of your target audience. But speaking about the most profitable platform per each user - the answer is definitely: iOS. Most people who develop software on Android are forced by the employer or are already using Java to develop and become the sole reason for the transition to Android. IOS-based programming is perfect for developing secure software for your business. Affirm that the iOS platform needs some reasoning, where they are.

Development time

Developers who have successfully deployed software on both platforms confirm that Android is an app that needs more time. The overall developing process for iPhone and Android smartphones is the same, but with different working times, the need is based on hundreds of Android-based device models for different screen, resolution and other technologies. In terms of working hours, the design requirements for iOS are 28% lower than Android. Such a long and tiring process can lead to more complex quality assurance testing and a broader work.

Dependent on OS version: iOS and Android

According to Google data, 0.7% of users use the latest version of Android Marshmallow. There are still 36.1% of Android KitKat, has three years of history. Developers must design a product to fit seven or eight versions of each browser. Several issues with Android devices are getting worse. Each of them has its own screen size, resolution and other specific features, and the products should be as good as any of their work. If you're interested in iOS data, you should know that 76% of iPhones run iOS 9. Impressive, right?

Maintenance costs

All programs require ongoing support after they are released. But iOS devices can help you reduce your maintenance costs. It has a simple explanation. Given all the unique features of different devices, design is difficult, but support is still not easy. Top brand owners like Samsung, Sony and LG have the right to add their own changes to Android development standards. This led to the unpredictable behavior of different models of smartphones on Android.

User Preference

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reported that 26% of people who buy iPhone 6s and 6s Plus use Android phones. Statistics for iPhone 6 and 5 are very similar. This trend can be explained by the reputation of iOS, which is the secure, stable and affordable smartphone and high-quality applications. more stable, flawless iOS platform. Companies that want to equip teams with high quality devices first look for Apple hardware.

Development Tools

Encoding is not essential to creating an app. There are so many free programs and website creation sites today that do not require coding skills. But integrated development environments (IDEs), such as Apple's Xcode and Android Developer Studio, make qualitative and compelling programs much better. If you ask which one a developer likes best, it's Xcode. The designers have pointed out many problems:

  • Xcode WYSIWYG XML layout control on Android
  • Genymotion for Android is inefficient
  • Apple and Android guide conflict guide and more
  • If you are prepared to make some errors then this can be a valuable solution for your startup. Now is a good time to learn how to make iOS programs
How to develop the iOS app?

There are several ways to make your idea a reality. If you have some programming skills and enough time to learn, you can develop an app yourself, and if you do not have the time and are not willing to do it, you can hire a professional developer. In either case, you need to plan this idea first. Otherwise, you have difficulty implementing your project. Before setting up the development process, keep the following points in mind.

Your iOS app: the main goal

What's your program going to do? What problems should be solved? If you work in finance or the hotel industry, you should develop something that will help you grow and improve. Try to be precise and write down the description of your app.

Encoding app: Function

Think about what you need to achieve to achieve your goals. Do you want to keep in touch with your customers? Include as messages or contact information. Do you want your customers to know what's going on in your business? Add the news feed and push notifications. Do you want to give your customers the possibility to make reservations? Think of a reservation system


What is the strategy of the app? Is it just the source of your information? Is it a marketing tool? Is it an auxiliary program that helps to book a table or request? Remember, this mobile app is a tool designed to boost your business and help you increase productivity.

User interface

The user interface plays an important role in promoting your brand. You need to create your layouts, themes, backgrounds and buttons. The more friendly and understandable, the better. If your customers do not understand how it works and where they activate the features they need, your product becomes useless and inefficient.


You may need to use logo, graphics, and audio features before you start building your app.

What You Need for iOS App Development

In addition to clear ideas for this app, you need to learn about coding and familiarize yourself with Apple's programming tools when you start developing on the iOS platform. Apple's reputation is a company that cares about user safety because it limits applications that violate its principles, so it's important to know what you're allowed to do and what not to do. If you do not want to run the program on the emulator, but instead run it on your own smartphone, you'll also need to sign up as an iOS developer for $ 99 per year. If you want to publish your app in the Apple Store is necessary, but in other cases, this is not mandatory. Developers need the tools and skills to create iOS applications, including:

  • Apple's IDE, a free GUI, Xcode.

Gets an additional deployment bonus, full support as an auto-completion, can find bugs in your code before build, and has some debugging and performance tools.

  • Apple Swift programming language

The language was proposed in 2014, before Objective-C was the only language that created iOS applications. Objective-C is a very complex language. To simplify this process, Swift was introduced. This language was accepted positively and soon adopted, since it is now actively used by developers.

  • iOS SDK

This is a software development kit for developing native iOS applications. With their help, developers can set a price for the app, distribute it through the Apple Store and earn 70% of sales. If developers want to publish for free, the only cost will be the membership fee. The SDK also contains a program that emulates the look and feel of the iPhone on the desktop.


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iOS Developer's Guide - Today, there are many tutorials to teach you how to create applications for the iOS platform. If you've never written code lines or any iOS programming skills, there are training sessions for people who want to start making iOS applications. There you can find tool reviews, programming language solutions and advanced concepts. You have the opportunity to learn about interface design, storage requirements and tips to promote your app in the iOS market.

Starting to develop iOS applications is the official guide for Apple beginners. It starts with creating a food tracking app that reveals key concepts and explains how to use development tools. Each lesson includes tutorials and conceptual information. This is a step-by-step guide for developing an iOS app.


Introducing Swift - As mentioned earlier, Swift is a relatively new programming language created specifically for iOS and Mac. This is easy to handle.

Featured video - Apple introduced a video of the Global Development Conference that covered a variety of development topics and provided information on industry tips and a set of basic tools for developers.


Tutorial by Ray Wenderlich - Good source for Swift and Objective-C coding languages. There you will also find information about various APIs and links to other tutorials and libraries.

Stanford University iOS Development Course - In this lesson, you learn about the tools and APIs you need to build applications for the iOS platform using the iOS SDK. It covers everything from user interface design to multithreading and performance considerations.

These and many other lessons and tutorials can help you get started with the basics of iOS development.

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