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Consisting of senior developers, our company creates user-friendly bespoke software with integrating design, advanced functionality, attractive interfaces and user-friendly style.


The Company Values
  1. Transparency. The team tries to meet every week, discuss the results of the work.
  2. Direct dialogue. You can contact any specialist and discuss the project details.
  3. Time-proven process. The team uses the Product Discovery method, which can help in modernising current work processes.
  4. Sustainable pace. The code is constantly tested, which allows a customer to follow the changes in project development.
When Bespoke Solutions are Needed?

Issues that could be resolved with bespoke development:

  1. There is no existing software solution for your task.
  2. Additional protection for the data is needed as the information is confidential.
  3. There are several different tasks and it is hard to find a ready-made solution for all of them.
  4. Several IT systems should be combined into one.
  5. The existing IT solution needs modernisation.

Stages of the Work

The working process:

  1. Meeting. Usually, the company organises a Skype meeting, where the details are discussed.
  2. Strategy. The team clarifies commercial aims, works on strategy and the best ways to achieve the goals through bespoke development. At this stage the programmers also make a user interface prototype.
  3. MVP creation. In short time the team implements the main project parts in the simple solution - minimum valuable product or MVP.
  4. Bespoke software development. The programmers make a final software product using an approved concept.

Results of Cooperation

  1. The final software product working on the web, mobile devices and other platforms.
  2. Fast delivery system for every new feature.
  3. Verify the software KPI and achieve commercial goals.

why you need to hire us

  • Talented, experienced
    and dedicated developers
  • Flexible and iterative process
  • Multi-platform app development
  • Huge renewable database
  • Professionalism on the highest level

The Experts Can Help

The errors detected in the early development steps reduces costs, as finding and fixing bugs in the final development stages is expensive. So the company provide the support and error testing from the first days of the project to the last days.

Using refactoring, the programmers save and improve designs replacing complicated modules. New functions are generated without affecting the existing code. Using package design principles the company offer the best quality service to clients from all over the world. The secret of fast software development lies in the smart management with the elimination of responsibilities within the team.

  • Linking the languages ​​used by clients, developers and domains, the domain model boost the process of converting the main project elements into bespoke software.
  • For avoiding barriers between users and the tool, the programmers examine the project, inspecting the entry and exit points and the convenience of user’s interaction between screens.

Constantly improving their skills by attending educational sessions and conferences the experienced programmers use all variety of supplemental technologies and programming languages: C++, Python, SWIFT, Php; MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB; AngularJS, Javascript, .Not, ReactJS, etc.

The goal of the company is to create the long-term partner relations. Being among the best bespoke developers in the UK according to Clutch independent reviews the company has more than 25 positive feedbacks from the clients.

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